Themed Attractions

Founder Trey Smith has been designing producing extensive themed attractions for 30 years. Now Smithworks designs, fabricates and installs elaborate themed sets, scenes, and attractions. These attractions can include motion simulation, audio, and visual effects as well as detailed facades and structures.

Escape Rooms & Games

Recently Escape Games have become very popular. What are they? They originally began as a simple game that would take participants, lock them in a room that contained clues and puzzles for them to figure out and solve to escape. They have now evolved into elaborate, technology-driven themed challenges. We have designed and produced several themed games that go as far as including motion simulation and holographic illusions. Smithworks creates these Escape Games from concept to completion with the capability of entertaining thousands of participants for years.


  • Custom theming, fabrication and installation
  • Motion simulation
  • Projection and Holographic Effects
  • Game Design
  • Puzzle design and fabrication
  • Integration and programming of automated control systems
  • Audio, video production
  • Lighting design
  • Brick and mortar as well as mobile installations