At Smithworks, we have had the privilege to produce some great exhibits and experiences for our clients. Here are just a few we have highlighted. We would love for yours to be next.

Mount 53 Experience

In 1945, the USS Laffey was a target in the worst kamikaze attack in Naval history. This gun mount took a direct hit by a kamikaze plane. We provide an experience which recreates a little of what it was like to be inside that mount on that historic day.

The Apollo 8 Experience

We were challenged with transforming this Apollo 8 capsule replica into an experience.  Now you can sit inside like the astronauts and experience the Apollo 8 mission from launch, to orbiting the moon and back to splash down; and all in about 5 minutes. This is now a very popular attraction aboard the USS Yorktown Naval Museum.

African/American History Exhibit

At historic Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston, SC stands 8 original slave cabins dating back to the late 1700’s. Inside each of the cabins, we created a time-line of immersive and emotional exhibits that take you from the beginnings of slavery to the achievements of modern day African Americans as you move from one cabin to the next.

USS Laffey Engine Room

The WWII Destroyer USS Laffey is located at the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum in Charleston, SC. In the Engine room of the Laffey, we created the experience of what it was like to be in there when the ship was active and you can even control the steam  valves and see the gauges respond and hear the engines whine.

Command Information Center Experience

On board the USS Laffey we brought back to life the CIC with holographic projections, re-animating original radar and tracking equipment and installing a multi-point surround sound system. We designed, produced and installed this  production for Patriots Point which now simulates a cold war scenario for guests daily.

Vietnam Experience Project

We had the honor of working on several projects that are part of the Vietnam Experience at Patriots Point. We designed and constructed this facade of a street corner in 1970 Saigon, Vietnam. Inside the theater, we also produced and installed a multi-screen video production featuring the stories of Veterans.

Runaway Subway Train Escape

The owner had the vision for a Subway Escape game so we designed and fabricated 3 subway cars and integrated their unique puzzles. The experience includes full motion simulation of the subway train speeding down a track as participants work together to solve challenges and get to the controls to stop the runaway train.

Nuclear Escape

The owner wanted a nuclear themed game where groups are challenged to figure out how to stop a complete meltdown and nuclear disaster. Smithworks had the challenge of designing and fabricating all of the elements of this game.

Egyptian Tomb Escape

This is a fully immersive environment that takes you deep into a 3000 year old Egyptian Tomb that is protected by a curse dooming whoever disturbs its precious artifacts.

USS Alabama – Crewman Kiosk

This interactive kiosk allows visitors to search through the 6000 crewman that served during WWII aboard USS Alabama, read their bios and see their images.

North Charleston Fire Museum

This large 60” interactive kiosk attracts their visitors allowing them to select various parts of the firetruck and learn about how it and the firemen operate through videos that are presented on the kiosk.  In addition, lighting on the actual firetruck in front of the kiosk is controlled by the interaction.

USS Yorktown Engine Room Experience

This immersive, interactive exhibit pays tribute to the men who served in the massive engine rooms of the USS Yorktown as well as provides an introspective into what all the engine rooms did.

The projects we produce include complete design and fabrication from the ground up as well as the integration of technology into existing environments and exhibits. Smithworks specializes in working with historically significant structures providing visitors the opportunity to experience the past in a real way.

Every project we do is unique and custom; so contact us as we would love to discuss and brainstorm how we can bring your idea to life.

Trey Smith and his team at Smithworks are excellent at utilizing technology, innovative techniques and craftsmanship to present our history; while at the same time maintaining the historical integrity of our ships, artifacts and the honoring of our Veterans. Their creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail are apparent with each project they have produced.

Mac Burdette | Executive Director - Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum