Interactive Exhibits & Displays

Exhibits and displays are great to look at and information presented as text is good; but presenting an exhibit and information through images, audio and video that is also interactive creates an engaging experience.

Educational & Entertaining Experiences

Smithworks specializes in creating interactive experiences that are educational as well as entertaining. We custom program interactive software that will present your exhibit and topic in an enticing manner as well as designing and fabricating a custom station that is appealing and appropriate for the environment and content. These kiosk stations can come in many sizes and forms such as touch walls, touch glass, touch monitors and touch tables. It all depends on the application, creativity, and content.


  • Interactive software design and programming
  • Full content creation
  • Custom kiosk station design and fabrication
  • Personal training and technical support


  • Custom touch screen kiosks as large as 100”
  • Multi-touch interactive tables
  • Touch film that creates an interactive experience on any existing glass or acrylic