Immersive Environments

An experiential environment is a room(s), set or scene that is designed, modified and/or constructed to fully immerse you into an experience. Think of any ride at Disney. The team of Smithworks has been designing and creating immersive, experiential environments for 30 years. These environments can include interactive elements that allow people to not only be in the environment, but become part of it.

Combining Technology with Interactive Elements

Smithworks can also discretely integrate technology and interactive elements into existing environments creating an immersive experience. These include environments such as historical spaces like museum ships and historical buildings.

These environments are created by combining themed structural designs with custom lighting, image and video projections, sounds, smells and physical elements such as vibrations and air movement. Smithworks produces all the elements and then can fully automate the production using professional show control systems to create an environment that can be experienced over and over again.

Smithworks has created experiential environments for industries such as:

  • Halloween Attractions
  • Christmas Attractions
  • Museums
  • Escape Rooms
  • Special Events & Parties


  • Design and fabrication including:
    • CNC work
    • Custom painting
    • Metalwork
    • Custom woodwork
  • Audio/Video production
  • Lighting design
  • Show Control Automation Systems design and programming
  • Special image and video projection techniques including Holographic Illusions